Clevises are typically used to connect sag or tie rods and hanger assemblies to structural steel or fabricated lugs. The pin connection ensures that the rod is loaded only in tension and sees no bending forces. Our clevises are widely used in structural steel bracing and canopy suspension projects.

Length adjustment of rod assemblies can be provided by pairing right-handed and left-handed threaded clevises with single lengths of rod, or by using right-handed threads on both clevises with two rods and a turnbuckle.

rod clevis

Clevis measurements consist of the tap – the diameter of rod the clevis will be screwed onto, the pin – comes in a range of sizes constrained by the clevis size, and the grip – determined by the thickness of the material that will receive the pin. Clevises come in a range of materials: we sell clevises in C1035 steel, ASTM A668 Class A, and 316 stainless steel, and ASTM A473 Designation A.

We also make the rods to go with clevises and turnbuckles.