Carriage bolts

carriage bolt

Carriage bolts differ from regular hex bolts as they have a domed head that does not required a wrench for installation. The square shape underneath the head helps prevent the bolt from turning once set into position, either embedded in wood or into a square metal hole. The enlarged dome head helps keep the bolt from being pulled through wood.

carriage bolt

Given their characteristics, these bolts are ideal for use in wood-to-wood applications like wood decks, docks, pallets, and shipping crates. Their unique shape holds wood better than any other type of bolt head making them a great option for joining two pieces of wood together.

Carriage bolts are also great for joining metal to metal or metal to wood, in highway guardrails for instance. The square under the head helps to ensure no movement when installed in a corresponding square hole, and by tightening the nut, the domed head functions like a washer.

They come in plain, galvanized, and zinc finishes. If you are looking for a supplier of galvanized carriage bolts for wood deck construction, look no further. Atlantic Bolt stocks common sizes used in wood deck and marine dock construction and we can get other less common sizes generally in a couple of days.

Don’t forget the hardware – we have all the compatible nuts and washers you’ll need for your carriage bolt installation.