Weld Studs

weld studs, headed anchors

Atlantic Bolt carries many common sizes of regular weld studs (also called headed concrete anchors, shear connectors, and shear studs).

Weld studs are placed in contact with a beam or other metal work plate, and welded into place using a Stud Gun. The studs have a small bead of “flux” on the end to facilitate good weld contact when using the Stud Gun.

The Stud Gun holds the weld stud, draws a weld arc, melting the welding flux and base into an area of the beam or other work plate. The weld heat and flux are confined and concentrated by using a ceramic ring called a ferrule. The weld stud is forced into the melted area and held in place until the metals re-solidify. This all occurs in just seconds.

Ceramic ferrule for use in weld stud installation with stud gun
Ceramic ferrule

Studs can also be “hand welded”, that is, welded by using a regular stick welder or mig welder. Ferrules are not needed for this method.

Deformed bar anchors or DBAs
Deformed Bar Anchors(DBAs)

In addition to headed weld studs we also stock DBAs or Deformed Bar Anchors. These are similar in appearance to rebar but have good weldability and the previously mentioned “flux” ball for use in stud guns.

Bent DBAs (deformed bar anchors) by Atlantic Bolt Inc
Bent DBAs(Deformed Bar Anchors)

Our weld studs are domestically made and meet ASTM A108 and A496 specifications. We can also provide bending services for the DBAs according to your project specifications.

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