Epoxy Anchors | Fully Threaded Studs

threaded studs

Fully threaded studs are short rods that have no head and are threaded along their entire length. These studs, also called threaded rods, all thread studs and epoxy rods can be used for all-purpose fastening of almost anything.

When used as an epoxy anchor bolt, they are dropped in predrilled holes in concrete and secured with high strength epoxy. Because of this use they are sometimes referred to as epoxy anchors or adhesive anchors.

We carry the threaded studs/epoxy anchors and the epoxy for securing them.

Threaded studs can be used for other general fastening purposes like thru bolts, are typically secured with nuts and washers, and can be used with objects that need to be put together and taken apart frequently or quickly.

We offer studs in a range of finishes including: zinc, galvanized, plain, and stainless steel and a range of grades, including: A307, F1554, and B7. Diameters range from 3/8″ to 1 1/4″ and we have many standard lengths in stock.

We can also cut custom threaded studs to your requirements.

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