Wedge Anchors

Zinc plated wedge anchors
Wedge Anchors Zinc plated

Wedge anchors are the preferred choice when it is necessary to anchor material to solid, stable, cured concrete,. Our customers use these anchors to secure everything from park benches to fence posts to bike racks to a concrete pad. Installation involves drilling a hole in the existing concrete. Once in the hole, these anchors utilize a small wedge to act as a friction mechanism to hold themselves and whatever they are securing in place. The simple design of this mechanical anchoring device provides excellent holding power.

Wedge anchors and sleeve anchors are sometimes referred to as expansion anchors. For securing items to something other than solid concrete, like brick or cinder blocks, sleeve anchors are a better choice. Wedge anchors should only be used in solid concrete that has already been poured or possibly in concrete filled blocks.

We offer wedge anchors from 1/4″ to 1″ in diameter and from 1 3/4″ to 12″ long, in a range of finishes including zinc, stainless, and galvanized. Generally, the larger the structure to be anchored the larger the diameter of the wedge anchor. The length of the anchor needed will depend on the diameter of the wedge anchor and the embedment specified to secure the structure to the concrete.

We have many brand name wedge anchors, such as Simpson Strong-Tie, US Anchor, and Powers, to name a few.
We stock standard sizes as mentioned above and can get many others.

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