straight anchor bolts

The F1554 specification was introduced in 1994 by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) to cover anchor bolts and anchor rods designed to anchor structural supports to concrete foundations.

These anchors can be fabricated from headed, straight, or bent rods. Generally, the engineer on the project determines the size, shape, and grade of the anchor bolts required. Because of the custom nature of F1554 anchor bolts they are almost always either bent (L-shaped), or straight rods threaded on each end. Forged head F1554 anchor bolts are generally time and cost prohibitive for today’s construction projects.

Bent anchor bolts have a bend in an L-shape that gets embedded in the concrete and threads on the projection end. Sometimes referred to as J bolts, these bolts are typically ordered in a length (L) + bend length (H) and with the thread length (T) needed shown in the image below.

Straight anchor bolts are specified with the necessary thread lengths on each end and a configuration of nuts, plates, and/or washers on the embed end. Several configurations, shown below, are available depending on the engineer’s specification.

There are three steel rod grades in the F1554 specification. They are based on the minimum yield strength (ksi) of the steel – Grade 36, 55, and 105 (with yield strengths of 36ksi, 55ksi, and 105ksi respectively). F1554 Grade 55 designation is the most readily available steel, and Grade 55 steel with the S1 supplemental designation (indicating the steel is weldable) can be substituted by the supplier for F1554 Grade 36.

F1554 anchor bolts are used to anchor everything from gas station canopies, building columns, highway and parking lot light poles, to street light and traffic signals.

Atlantic Bolt makes F1554 anchor bolts to order and has some common sizes in stock. Our anchor bolts have been used in many projects including Apple Data Centers, canopies for gas stations, countless warehouses, university buildings, parking decks, and even the foul ball posts for the BB&T baseball stadium in Charlotte. Recently we have partnered with renewable energy companies to supply large anchor bolts to anchor solar carport structures.

F1554 anchor bolts are our speciality. Contact us today to quote your anchor bolt needs. Email us or call us at 704-597-5082