F1554 Anchor Bolts

L shaped F1554 anchor bolt

L-shaped F1554 anchor bolt

Straight F1554 anchor bolt

Straight F1554 anchor bolt

Atlantic Bolt Inc. stocks and makes ASTM F1554 anchor bolts. We can furnish custom anchor bolt orders in small or large quantities. This sets us apart from other construction fastener distributors. Custom straight anchor rods and L-shaped anchor bolts are considered “true” anchor bolts because they are poured in place.

L-shaped and Straight Anchors

With an L-shaped anchor the bent end is embedded in poured concrete, and on a straight anchor one end with a nut and washer (typically welded on) is embedded in poured concrete. These kinds of anchors are designed to secure any number of structures: light poles, columns, highway structures, large steel building supports, and much more. We stock common sizes of F1554 anchor bolts and custom make both bent and straight anchor bolts to order. Use our straight anchor bolt form or L-shaped anchor bolt form for a quote. Or give us a call at 704-597-5082.

F1554 anchor bolts

Straight F1554 anchor bolts with nut and washer tack welded

ASTM F1554 is a relatively new material specification that covers hooked, headed and threaded anchor rods in three strength grades: 36, 55 and 105. The grade designation corresponds to the yield strength of the round bar.

Grade 55 is most commonly specified in ASTM F1554, although grades 36 and 105 are normally available, depending on rod diameter. ASTM F1554 grade 36 can be specified to allow welded field correction should the anchor rods be placed incorrectly. Grade 55 (ASTM F1554 specified) with weldability supplement S1 and the carbon equivalent formula in ASTM F-1554 Section S1.5.2.1, can also be used for this situation, and therefore, is often substituted for F1554 grade 36.

ASTM F1554 grade 105 anchor rod is similar to the generic rod specification ASTM A193 grade B7.

Several other ASTM Specifications are sometimes specified for anchor rods. ASTM A36, A193, A307, A354, A449, A572, A588 and A687, although sometimes specified, may not be appropriate, or may be difficult to find.

F1554 Properties and Recommended Hardware

GradeCommon diameters*Tensile strengthYield strengthFinishesRecommended hardware
361/2, 3/4, 158-80 KSI36 KSIPlain and galvanizedNuts: A563 hex nuts
Washers: F436 flat washers
553/4, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/275-95 KSI55 KSIPlain and galvanizedNuts: A563 Heavy hex nuts
Washer: F436 flat washer
1053/4, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 2125-150 KSI105 KSIPlain and GalvanizedNuts: A563 DH or A194 2H Heavy hex nuts
Washers; F436 flat washer
*other diameters are available, generally up to 4″, but may take longer due to limited availability