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Carriage bolts

carriage bolt
Galvanized carriage bolt

Carriage bolts differ from lag screws and regular hex bolts as they have a domed head and are not designed to be screwed into a surface. In addition, the square shape underneath the domed head helps prevent the bolt from turning once set into position.

Given their characteristics, carriage bolts are ideal for use in wood-to-wood applications. like decks, docks, pallets, and crates. Their unique shape holds wood better than any other types of screws making them a great option for joining two pieces of wood together.

But carriage bolts are also great for joining metal to wood. The square under the head helps to ensure no movement, and by tightening the nut the domed head functions like a washer holding the metal down.

Carriage bolts come in plain, galvanized, and zinc finishes. We stock common sizes and can get other sizes generally in a few days.