A490 Bolts

a490twoSimilar to the A325 ASTM standard, A490 bolts are used in steel to steel structural connections and applications and thus have shorter thread lengths than regular hex bolts. This keeps threads out of the joints in the connections. Unlike A325 bolts however, A490 bolts are made from an alloy steel (as opposed to the medium carbon steel used to make A325 bolts), making A490 bolts stronger, with a minimum 150ksi tensile strength.¬†Sizes include 1/2″ thru 1 1/2″ diameter and up to 12″ long in some diameters.

Atlantic Bolt also has material test reports (MTRs) on file digitally for all our structural bolts.

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(In 2016 the ASTM introduced the new F3125 specification. F3125 replaces six other ASTM standards, including A490. Currently, the F3125 specification is much less known and the A325 and A490 specifications are still how our customers refer to these structural bolts. As such, until the ASTM removes the A490 standard, we will continue to use the existing “A490” specification to reference these bolts.)